The Minimal Approach To Fashion

Less is more is the new trend in Fashion if you don’t know. And if you’re wondering how less and fashion can work together, I’m here to let you in on that. The phrase ‘Minimalist Fashion isn’t about having 10 items only in your wrdrobe or shapeless black and white clothes only. No. Minimalist Fashion is a large puzzle and these are just tiny pieces. You can have a maximalist wardrobe, which ofcourse will be filled with a hundred pieces but have a minimalist aesthetic, just as easily you can have a minimalist wardrobe filled with a limited number of pieces but have a maximalist aesthetic but let me introduce you to The Minimal Approach.

The Minimal Approach

A minimal approach to fashion is much much more about the attitude and thought process behind things than it is about color palettes or the specific number of fashion items one has in the wardrobe. A minimal approach to fashion means you approach your closet with intentionality, with the aim that you want your closet to fit your lifestyle, and your closet should be filled with items that would last years, classic items of high quality.

There’s the minimalist approach in every sphere of life, from decorations to life possessions to life itself and so on, it simply means “I am intentionally trying to live with only the things I need”. It seeks only to keep the essentials, to remove frivolous items and keep the significant ones, and in doing so, it values intentional endeavors. Hey, I call myself a quintessential being, sounds nice lol.

An average individual wears only about 20% of their wardrobe on a regular. So what happens to the other 80%? Its left in the dark place waiting to be worn or used at least. As humans, we are mostly plagued by decision fatigue or what they call ‘paradox of choice’- that is the more choices one has, the harder it is to make a decision. This happens to me all the time and it gets frustrating. Like I wake up one morning, going to work and I’m like okay, what do we have here, I usually get the feeling that my wardrobe is saying back to me “welcome to your usual early morning 30 minutes to an hour chat with your clothes Lesley” lol. Because I’m always there talking to my clothes and I’d end up picking a very basic wear i probably wore last week and go.

But guys, what if that didn’t happen anymore? what if you wake up every day and you pick out your clothes within 10 seconds? what if the unnecessary headache goes away? what if whatever item you pick makes you feel confident and beautiful or handsome in every way possible? That is what The Minimal Approach to Fashion is all about.

A movement is about to start and it’s going to be the sanest thing. It’s called the Minimalist Movement Group and its supported by Stylerapy because well, Fashion, Style, and Psychology are lowkey siblings lol. Everything has an in-depth to it, so does the Minimalist Movement as minimalism is more of internal than external.

The Minimalist watchwords are

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Uniqueness
  • Classiness
  • Purpose
  • Intentionality; and all these, as a package is completely achievable.

To join the upcoming movement, fill in the form at the contact us icon and we will get at you within 48 hours. It’s good stuff.

Cheers xx

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