Another Stylerapy review today and it is about “ugly fashion”. Ugly fashion didn’t just start today, its been on for decades now and we have to decipher it at this moment. Most people say Fashion is meant to be beautiful, to be empowering, to be magical and stunning, but when they hear ugly fashion, mentally, their minds go to fashion that is literally ugly and makes one look it. Well, I’m here to clear that misunderstanding.

Ugly fashion might be literally ugly but it doesn’t make one look ugly literally. in fact, psychologically, ugly fashion braces one and helps one decode the unique term within them. Let us look at the trends of last year and those that entered into this new year. Like the popular ugly shoes – Crocs and the way the collaboration with Balenciaga made it the not-so-ugly shoes by adding a sprinkle of sugar(not in literal terms lol) and making the ugly shoes transform into a weirdly magical beauty or the highly popular bumbags or waist bags or belt bags (left to you guys to choose one) which was highly unfashionable when it was associated with the western tourists or the early National Youth Service Corps Members in Nigeria or my late grandmother, as she used it to keep her money and other mini valuables, safe. Now I tell you, it is highly fashionable as Gucci made a luxury reinterpretation of it and also the dopest streetwear brand, Supreme. Now I bet we can call “ugly fashion” the new cool uncool, or uncool cool…how does it sound to you? please personalise those words lol.

If we also take a look at it from the business aspect, according to the business of fashion, ugly fashion is big business and is based on three major words – Practicality, Functionality, and Comfortability, which is the most major feature because comfort sells. Don’t get it twisted, these ugly fashion items are actually ugly, but they are comfortable, trendy and can be worked in different ways so as not to be pronounced that. The last year 2017, was ruled by ugly fashion, literally but its a thing as its been accepted into luxury fashion, street fashion and all what not. So I bet its here for a while, but not forever.

As the creatives we are, our minds work in ways that is unfathomable and things that are birthed at this moment can be tweaked into other things. As these fashion items are birthed, they can be personalised by individuals.

What is your COOL UNCOOL fashion item? Leave a comment or lets get linked on our social media platforms and discuss.

Have a cool day!



  1. Thanks for making this ugly fashion look beautiful with the way you explained it was cool, good piece!

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