Fashion is about clothing. Culture is about lifestyle.
One thing I’ve learnt in life, through formal and informal education is that most things are intertwined. Most things are related. So the interrelatedness of things shouldn’t come as a surprise to all. Fashion and culture are very much intertwined. Looks and living are very much closer than we think. How will there be clothing without having a way of life? How does it sound?

Fashion makes up a certain part of our culture. Though, sometimes, culture is usually modified to be modern, let’s take that as changing. Fashion also, changes. It evolves. We don’t expect to be stuck with what was worn in the early days. And as culture, fashion is always modified to be modern. If we take a look back at the fashion shows last year, showcasing the spring trends, we’d see that most designers went back into the 80’s, did their ‘magic’ and voila! We have the contemporary 80’s fashion in 2018! How cool is that?!

Also, fashion helps shape culture and makes it more recognizable. Each country has its own history and looks, and this goes down to the fabrics itself. Take for example, in Nigeria; we have what is called “Ankara”, popularly known as African prints. That’s our culture right there. Nigerians, yes or yes? Lol. I feel it inspires artwork for a specific culture and peoples view on a culture.
As humans, no lie, we judge almost everything. Down to this, society judges’ people about how they look dress and all that, that is fashion influencing culture and it could be good or bad. An example of how fashion influencing culture is a recent history in the 1800s, when women wanted to be able to ride a bicycle. Pants were invented. Thank goodness they wanted to ride bikes, or I would have been stuck wearing a dress or skirt all my life!

So in conclusion, fashion influences all culture, all individual lifestyle. From the way we eat, to sleep, to the way we dress and live, in general,
What do you think? Does fashion influence culture or it doesn’t? everyone has a right to an opinion. Tweet at me @les_della, lets discuss!

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