Guilty? Lol, not a bad thing. Not guilty? Listen.

          There are some women that match their underwear’s and have the best days, they sometimes feel like if they don’t, their day will be ruined. Now, let’s get this. If you’ve been following up with my blog posts, you’d understand that style/fashion psychology is legit and it’s a big deal. One needs to understand why something’s are just the way they are, honestly. (Note: Fashion Psychology is the study of how color, style, shape, and image affect human behavior, while addressing cultural norms and sensitivities.)

          There’s a quote I’d like to share from a Fashion Psychologist, the founder of the Fashion Psychology Institute. She’s also a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, popularly called FIT in NYC(dream city). She said, and I quote “For some women, not wearing a matched set ruins their day—even though no one can see it! That indicates a somewhat controlled, particular, and perfectionist personality.”

         Women that are all about the matching underwear are likely to be boss leaders, women in charge and have that controlling persona, more like the independent one. Also a renowned stylist conducted a research and said more percentage came in for those that match their underwear, especially with colors. The research showed that they are more confident and stylish.

         Non matchers are more of  the go-with-the-flow personality. And trust me, it ain’t a negative. They necessarily don’t have to go with the order; they just do as it comes. And think deeply, these traits come with being a creative! Yes! Non matchers are legit creative and a dope one at that. And one thing about non matchers is that they find structure in not having structure.

Where do you fall into? Matchers like a boss or Non matchers like a creative? Drop comments. Lets discuss

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