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Lets talk vision. In this modern age, we can’t really tell the difference between the people who have 10/20 vision and those who have a perfect 20/20 vision as wearing spectacles have emerged a trend in fashion. Individuals wear glasses to make a fashion statement or the simple, because they really need it.

Word on the block is that individuals that wear glasses are very intelligent people. They look more sophisticated, responsible, and dependable. Now doesn’t that seem a little biased? Like anyone could go get an eye glass. Does that mean they have these traits, automatically?

This is a case of perception versus reality, for the individual and others alike. Research suggests that wearing glasses can not only change peoples perception of you, it can also alter the way you think about yourself.

Eye glasses can become a part of a persons persona. The aesthetic qualities that come from wearing glasses are actually what i listed above. Those are the high key qualities that the general will see in one who wears an eye glass. but, there’s always the reality.

One may look out rightly responsible or honest to an outsider all because he or she is putting on the eye candy- eye glass, but on the inside, who are you, really? Are you just trying to make a fashion statement or your vision isn’t near the 20/20.

Personally, i hated glasses. I had the best sight in my family. but one thing led to another and i had no choice but to start using  glasses. Most times,i use just as a fashion accessory, other times, i use because well, its really needed. Now, i don’t hate it anymore.

NOTE: this isn’t about the questioning of ones character. its to educate people about the perception of an individual in light of the eye candy called eye glasses.

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